Show Love For Your Best Friend

 We're so blessed to have our pets in our lives. No matter how big or small they might be, when they jump up in your lap to cuddle - it melts your heart.

You want to pet them all day long, scratch their head & showering them with treats.

Whether at home or out on a walk, you want the world to know how much you care.

And while most people would cringe at that level of public affection. Ignore the haters, here at Silvercut; we openly encourage it.

Because we'll be honest, we're the same way. We love hearing about all the adorable stories of you guys pampering your pets.

In this article, we'll be sharing 3 ways our readers spoil their pets. Get ready for cuteness overload. 

Jessica, New York. - "I pay close attention to what she likes."

"My Dog is a great observer & knows precisely when she is loved! So I make sure to keep notes of where she loves to go for walks, what treats she wants & where she loves to be pet.

I take care of her the exact way I'd liked to be cared for. It makes us both so happy!"

Don, Colorado. - "Find a ritual both of you enjoy."

"My puppy and I do this thing where we both sit on the ground. I pet his shoulders & the back of his neck while talking to him quietly.

He'll always do this huffing & puffing noise, resting his head on my shoulder with eyes closed.

I feel like it brings us close together."

Juan, California. - "Spoil them when they want it the most."

"Whenever I get home, my cat is always waiting for me, right at the door. She can hear me come in & instantly knows it's me.

She'll come by & purr, while I get my stuff sorted. I make it a habit to pick her up & pet her.

Whenever I forget, she will sit at my feet & meow until I pick her up. I love her so much."

We hope you guys enjoyed these beautiful stories from our fabulous customers. 

And if you want a way to show off your love for your pet, check out our shop for some new goodies!

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