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A snowball of love

I placed an order a week after I lost my precious girl Snowball to pyometra. I was searching for a way to memorialize her, and didn't really want to look at just look at her ashes. Your company not only went above and beyond what I expected. Everything melted my heart when I opened that box. The work you all did was spectacular! And your mission only added to my joy! I will forever be grateful for what you all did to memorialize, and "bring to life" all the memories me and Snowball shared. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Silvercut! I love, love, love my beautiful necklace! Can't wait to place my next order!

Silvercut® Keychain
Phillippe Brunette

Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend, she hasn’t received it yet but I know she will love it! I’m very impressed at how it turned out

Silvercut® Keychain
Brittany Meyer

Love, love, love these & this company! I have purchased several keychains, a necklace, & a bracelet & all of them truly look like the photo & capture the pets characteristics & honestly the personality depending on the photo submitted 😊 10 out of 10 would def recommend & they keep you updated throughout every step w/ a quick email 👍🏻

Silvercut® Keychain
Charlotte Brown
Beautiful Angel

My Grandaughter bought this key ring for after we lost beautiful Angel I love it and it looks exactly like her.
Am awaiting another order shortly amazing attention to detail Thankyou

Silvercut® Keychain
Gabriella Duran
So swag

bought it for my bf &i’s one year, he only wanted a keychain. this is his dog and it is literally so cute i love it and i reallyyyy hope he does too <3

Absolute Perfection

I cannot begin to express on how happy I am on what an outstanding job they did!! This is absolutely perfect!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Wonderful job!!!

Thank you!!!

Silvercut® Keychain
Jill McMillan
Amazing attention to detail!

After losing our precious pup, this keychain was the most perfect way to remember her. The detail is so intricate and perfect. Needless to say, there were many tears shed as this was opened. Thank you so much!

Silvercut® Keychain
Karlene Brown

It turned out perfect for my friend's present of her dog which has passed.

Silvercut® Keychain
Jeremy Thompson
Great quality keepsake!

The detail is amazing and it looks exactly like the photo. Definitely an amazing idea for a gift or keepsake.

My little mate is still with me

This was spot on. One for me and one for my daughter's birthday. I may get more done for our remaining dogs.

Great gift!

I got this as a gift for my sister whose dog passed away suddenly last month. Needless to say, it made us both cry! Thank you, Silvercut!

Silvercut® Keychain
Cindy Savoie
Perfect replica

Key chain is more then I expected. LOVE IT!

Extremely Satisfied Customer

Wow! I can’t say enough good things about the keychain! The photo quality is amazing! I got this after my baby passed away & I’m emotionally destroyed, but having this keychain is going to make me feel tons better knowing I have her close to me!!

Silvercut® Keychain
Elisabeth Vickers

This was the perfect gift for my husband after our sweet girl passed away.

Silvercut® Keychain
Lindsey Herman
A gift for the loss of her best boy.

Turned out very well, although I'm afraid his little paws and tail will not stand up since that is where it's attached to the circle. Very happy, just second guessing whether I got the right style.

Silvercut® Keychain
Jacob Sanchez
Great Gift!

Our dog, Boris passed away a little over a week ago. He was a good friend in our family, and it broke all of our hearts when he passed.

I wanted to get something so that my parents and I could remember him. I shipped 3 of these to their house, so I haven’t been able to see it physically in person yet, but my mom seemed to really like it. Now I can carry my buddy and his memory’s around with me.

Silvercut® Necklace
Catherine Weber

I was amazed at how this turned out. I got this done for my daughter as we just recently lost my grand pup. Thank you for this beautiful piece!

Unreal quality

I have my angel around my neck now. So happy. I have her ashes but she can connect with me through this necklace

Silvercut® Necklace
Shannon Zemba

Bough for my brother came out amazing.

Silvercut® Keychain
Jessica Soliz
Great quality, image looks exactly like photo provided

Gave my mom a keychain of our dog, that recently passed away, as a birthday gift. She loved it and teared up a bit when she opened it. The image looks exactly like the photo I provided. Thank you.


Its a perfect key chain, the details are terrific. My first dog passed away and as described, is perfect but bittersweet.

Silvercut® Keychain
Carol Isaacson
You made my friend's day

I ordered this key ring for a dear friend who lost her wonderful dog a few weeks before her birthday. My friend was delighted with how true the image was to her lovely boy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing service, so quick from ordering to delivery at my house, being kept up to date every step of the process was so important to me. I will definitely order again and recommend your company to my friends. 10 out of 10

Silvercut® Keychain
Kathi Wooten
Love it!!

I absolutely love this piece!
It took some time to get it but I'm very pleased with the workmanship and accuracy of it.
Would recommend this as a special gift to give to someone that's hard to shop for.

I have no words

Two of my best friends lost their dogs this past year. My friend introduced me to the company and said he’d worked with them before. The Silvercut team was so attentive and helpful through both processes. I’m in tears. This means so much. Thank you to the moon and back.

Silvercut® Necklace
Kaeli McCarthy
Beautiful replica of my babies

Amazing work! Now I can bring them with me wherever I go!