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Absolutely Stunning

My beautiful, beloved Wiggles left this earth a few weeks ago after 14 years together. I’m having a VERY hard time coping with her loss. This lovely pendant captures her beautiful, expressive face perfectly. I love it.

Second order still not disappointed

This is the 2nd order i've placed to keep a lovely memory of my two babies as i've already lost one of them recently. Now, i can keep them with me and i am still highly surprised by the quality fo this keychain. Thank you again, Silvercut, to let us keep some magnificient items for our best friends ♥


I love my new key chain. I miss seeing my girls face everyday so now she can come with me everywhere again!




I just received my keychain and it's beautiful. I thought it would be difficult because I submitted an all black dog, but the detail is great. This will be a wonderful gift for my sister in law!

Great customer service, hassle-free replacement

I originally ordered the stainless steel keychain but was not happy with the level of detail it provided, and my dog passed away while I was waiting for it to arrive. Replacement was very easy, the employees I dealt with were lovely, and they even upgraded me to sterling silver for better detail. I just got my replacement keychain last night and I could not be happier. Thank you so much. The detail in the sterling silver keychain is amazing, I can even make out his name on his dog tag. Thank you. :)


I’m so pleased with the keychain I got for a close friend whose beloved cat recently passed away. I can’t wait to give this to her!


Haven’t experienced it yet

Belle Keychain

So impressed with this. Exceeded my expectations.

Just wow!

I waited for a while to order this and I should have ordered it sooner! I absolutely LOVE my necklace and am so happy to have this treasure in my life.

Very nice

The bracalet is very nice and very well-done! I would say enchanting. I would prefer it was a little bigger.

So so so pleased with this!

I was a little concerned about how this would turn out since it was for a friend with an all white dog and there’s not much contrast on her. But it was perfect. It still captured so much detail that it is undoubtedly her and her owner was thrilled. Great product.

Exactly like the picture!

I bought this keychain as a Christmas gift to my dad after our beloved lab passed away unexpectedly two months ago… it brought the whole family to tears when he opened it. Absolutely amazing, would definitely recommend to anyone.

The custom pet key ring

The key ring was so small I needed a magnifying glass just to see the detail. It was for my husband who lost his best friend chayse "to cancer at only 8yrs . Was very disappointed the and there was no chain on it

Just wow!

So happy with my order. It turned out soo good. It’s a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it too!!
Definitely will be recommending Silvercut!

It took a while to get a confirmation email and to ship. But it was soo worth it.

Great Results

I bought these as a gift for my sister and brother-in-law to commemorate their precious bulldogs. We were so happy with the final product! I spent a long time finding a clear photo that included all of their limbs and I’m glad I did. The shipping took longer than I had hoped because of floods on the west coast so they didn’t make it in time for Christmas but I can’t blame the company for that.

Absolutely Beautiful

I opened this little package and I was absolutely stunned. The likeness to my wee Molly is so real. I cried when I saw it.
Thank you so much.


Le rendu est très beau et c'est un super cadeau personnalisé! Nous en sommes très content.

Very lifelike, looks great.

Very good experience. Bought as a present and wife very happy. It looks just like our two dogs.


First of, can we talk about customer service? This is by FAR the best service I had. Their entire team is so efficient and fast in responding through emails. Like seriously, I’m sure I’m not the only one that doubts how fast any company respond In regards to an inquiry . Even with last minute changes, to top it off I finally received the gift and it LOOKS PERFECT!!!! Quality is well made. Thank you silver cutt.


Great quality and it's also just a great gift for you or somebody else!

Looks amazing, but tiny.

I love my keychain - it looks exactly like my dog, little spots and all! But it's way smaller than I'd expected, especially for the price. You can see in the pic it's barely the size of on of my finger joints, and my hands aren't that big! I honestly wouldn't order again, although I love it!

Excellent product, remarkable craftsmanship

Very clear instructions from the site when picking the image for the hand crafted jewellery. Im very happy with my order which came IN TIME for Christmas and im sure my mother will be blown away by how "lifelike" they are. Truley remarkable work and would 100% recommend for anyone looking to buy personalised gifts.


Never even received my merchandise. I’d post a photo of it, if I had it.

This was supposed to be an Xmas present and I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail. Very disappointed. Nothing like website.