Does my pup like me?

Whenever you love someone, it's always nice to have the feeling reciprocated. But sometimes, sadly, that isn't the case. 

From adorable barking, long cuddle sessions & cute meowing, there are many ways our pets show us love.

They want to keep us safe & make us feel good whenever we're around them.

They indeed are one of a kind. In this article, we'll share some precious ways you can tell for sure your baby is into you.

These are adorable stories shared by our valued customers.

Fredrick, Los Angeles - He understands what I need better than most people.

"I suffer pretty bad anxiety & sometimes get panic attacks. My little Felix can tell whenever this is happening & comes by and bumps my head with his own.

I feel like a lot of people think cats don't show love, but that's not true. You'll be surprised to see how social they can be & how much love they have to give.

It's each to their own, but I guess I lucked out since mine is an absolute gem. Not sure what I'd do without him."

Cindy, New Jersey - She's just like me!

"I'm a touchy-feely person. I always break the touch barrier with friends, family & co-workers.

I'm so thankful my German Shepherd is just like me. She'll come right up to my face several times a day & rub it against mine. 

That's her way of telling me she truly adores me. She always wants a warm lap to lay on when we're watching TV. Works out well for both of us.

It's a match made in heaven, I tell ya."

Brandon, Minnesota - She has her own move.

"I've got a black lab & she's a strange one. When she's sitting next to me on the couch, she'll randomly go limp & fall right onto my lap. 

It's happened so many times, we've given it a name - 'the Suzy.' She's a bit on the heavier side at 80lbs & I'll be honest, sometimes catches me off guard.

If I catch her pulling a Suzie, I'll hold out my arms & wrap her. That's how we snuggle."

We'll be honest; we can read these stories all day. They make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside, you know?

And if you want to keep that good feeling going, check out our shop to pick up a piece that'll always remind you of your best friend. 

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