Life-Like Keychain
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Life-Like Keychain

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Polished Steel
Titanium Gold
Sterling Silver
Text Engraving
Projection Pearl



Photo Guides


Make sure to only upload sharp photos where the subject is in focus and all the contours are clearly visible. A modern smartphone does the job!

2. Good lighting makes for better results

It's important! Soft and even lighting always gives the best results. Avoid hard shadows or too dark pictures.

3. Multiple Pets

multiple pets

If you want both of your pets on the same pendant, make sure that all the animals are positioned next to each other with little to no space in between them.

4. Positioning is important

What is not included in the picture can of course not be included on the pendant. We recommend full-body photos or head-shots

The Silvercut Way

At Silvercut Jewelry, we go the extra mile to create personalised memorial jewellery with attention to detail.

Our craftmanship


Our creative team begins with optimizing your photo for the engraving process by drawing a figure that perfectly captures the subject of your photo.


From there, your Silvercut is delicately cut, engraved and polished to shine– giving your memories the beautiful details they deserve.


Your everlasting Silvercut piece is now ready to be worn and enjoyed forever.


Photo Guide


The quality of the picture is important. Make sure to only upload sharp photos where the subject is in focus and all the contours are clearly visible. A modern smartphone does the job!

2. Good lighting makes for better results

It's important! The light source should preferably shine straight onto the dog. If the picture is very dark, it is difficult for us to know exactly where to engrave and it will make the final product less detailed, especially on dark dogs.

3. Multiple Pets

We recommend to do 1 animal or person per pendant. If you really want both of your pets on the same pendant, make sure that all the animals are positioned next to eachother with little to no space in between them. Also keep in mind that using multiple pets won't increase the diameter size of the finished pendant.

4. Positioning is important

What is not included in the picture can of course not be included on the pendant. If the whole body is visible, we try to make a whole body silhouette, otherwise we make a head silhouette.


 A high resolution photo shot in great lighting conditions will turn out the best.

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  • UK: 2-3 weeks*
  • Europe: 3-4 weeks*
  • Canada: 4 weeks*
  • Middle East: 3-4 weeks*
  • Central Asia: 3 weeks*
  • Australia & NZ: 3 weeks* (Australian Post Announcement)
  • South America: 4-5 weeks*

FedEx Express EXCL. Production

  • USA: 3-5 days*
  • UK: 4-6 days*
  • Europe: 4-6 days*
  • Australia & NZ: 3-5 days*
  • Asia: 3-5 days*
  • Russia: 4-8 days*

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    The Silvercut Team

    How it works


    Upload your favorite photo! Take a look at our photo guide for inspiration.


    From there, every Silvercut pendant is custom cut & engraved with precision and care


    Voila! Once delivered, your Silvercut memory is ready to be cherished for a lifetime.

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    Customer stories

    Trusted by over 100 000 customers

    "He's genuinely my best friend"

    Turning our most loved picture of her into a Silvercut was the best decision on the road of grieving and healing.Her smiling face and wagging tail always remind us of the 16 beautiful years that we got to spend as her owners and friends.

    Stephany M

    "Always together"

    Amazing how they got every little detail of my dog perfect on a keychain. it was the greatest gift for my bf. he loves our dog more than anything, and now will always have domino with him everywhere he goes.

    Amanda L

    "My favorite memory of him"

    I was worried that it wouldn’t look like my dog, I got it from my wife for our anniversary. When we open the box together we were blown away. The likeness is remarkable she was very pleased and so was I. I highly recommend checking this out for all pet lovers

    Samantha H

    "This gift is soo good"

    Bought this for my husband after the passing of our beloved girl. Unfortunately a few days after receiving it, it fell out of my husbands pocket whilst working and was lost forever. He requested we order another one because he was so happy with the results of the first one!

    James U

    "It looks just like her!"

    I honestly didn't send out a too great of a photo but they still managed to make it look amazing! Especially when. The light hits it at a angle. I recently lost my cat so I wanted to find ways to make sure to never forget her and I found this site. Amazing product I love it so much.

    Meg C

    "The details are immense!"

    The ability to resemble my beloved dog so wonderfully was amazing to me. The craftsmanship is wonderful. I cannot yet say if the quality of the Keychain itself is there, but I am so happy with the end result. He will forever be with me in little ways, and this brought so much joy to my family, as I did buy one for each of us!

    Kelly S

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1486 reviews
    Early mother's day gift

    I bought a keychain for mother's day of my previous baby who passed away 5 years ago. The shipping was super fast (I ordered on the 28th of April, and received today) which I was super satisfied with, but also it was absolutely beautiful. I ended up giving it to her early, which she absolutely LOVED. (She bawled her eyes out lol)

    I definitely will be ordering another one for Father's day! Hugely recommend getting one!!

    Hi, Jaelynne! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Silvercut for such a special occasion! Hearing about your experience warms our hearts. We're so glad we could be a part of such a meaningful moment for you and your mom. ❤ Your kind words and recommendation mean everything to us! We're excited to help you create another heartfelt gift for Father's Day. If there's anything else you need or any other special events coming up, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Silvercut Team

    Great gift!

    My sisters and I gifted this to our parents after they had to put their dog down. I am shocked at how good it came out and they love it!!

    Hi, Lindsay! That's wonderful to hear! It must have been a meaningful and heartfelt gift for your parents during such a difficult time. We're honored to craft the keepsake and it warms our hearts that they love it. If you ever need anything else, feel free to reach out. Thank you so much for supporting Silvercut!

    Silvercut Team

    This touched my heart

    I love this keychain so much! I got it for my boyfriend since his dog passed away in June. I think he will really love it, and I can’t wait for him to see it! The detailing is really good, the only thing I am disappointed about is the size. It is a little small for the price but I’m still satisfied with it either way. The packaging is wonderfully done. You can tell they really care and are thankful for your order. I will definitely order from this place again in the future, and I will recommend them to other people aswell!

    Hi, Izzy! Your message truly warms our hearts. We're honored that you chose our keychain as a meaningful gift for your boyfriend during such a tender time. It's wonderful to hear that you appreciated the detailing and the care we put into our packaging. We understand your thoughts on the size and appreciate your honest feedback. Our aim is always to craft something special that reflects care and thoughtfulness. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you again in the future and are truly grateful for your recommendations. Thank you for trusting us with such an important gesture.

    Silvercut Team

    Always and Forever

    Something to cherish once theyve gone 💜

    Hello, Chantal! Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts with us. If there's anything more we can do for you in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Silvercut Team

    Missing Our Mate

    After losing our general giant, this is a great way to have him with us travelling on keychain

    Looks just like her!

    I'll cherish this keychain always. I miss my Stella, but this keychain will be a nice way to honor her every day.

    Best gift to celebrate the life of our friend

    I received this gift to commemorate the passing of my dog, Eva, after sharing 14 years of life with me and my partner. I cried when I saw it. It captures her spirit so well. Thank you, and thanks to my friend Liz for thinking of us!