Here at Silvercut, we value your feedback as it allows us to improve our services & quality moving forward. Now that you’ve had some time to enjoy your custom creation, we’d love to hear what you think about your purchase! 

To encourage you to share your experience, we’re offering exclusive refunds for our customers who leave a review! Here’s what you can do:


How to get some money back:


$1 refund - Snap a photo of your jewelry and the Silvercut box.

Upload photo and get $1 back!


$3 refund - Smile and take a selfie while showing off your Silvercut piece.

Upload photo and get $3 back!


$10 refund - Prepare to take a happy reaction video of yourself (or gift recipient) unboxing/showing off your Silvercut jewelry. If the pet is with you, have them join the video too!

Upload video and get $10 back!


In addition to the refund, each month we'll pick our favorite video and send them a $100 gift voucher.

Your review really helps us and potential customers who are on the edge on purchasing Silvercut jewelry themselves.

Thank you in advance!